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Welcome to Conviction Radio, a unique approach to Christian talk radio. Our goal is to have a diverse and eclectic mix of programming that will attract all people, from those who are thirsty for a deep-dive into God's word, to those lost sheep who are in need of direction and hope. Conviction Radio is a multi-denominational station owned and run by Gunner Lindbloom, Maria Lindbloom, and Bill Crooks. Read their bios below to learn more about them, as well as founding contributor Reverend Louis Earl Green. To read the station's statement of faith, click here. 

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Alan Gunner Lindloom used to go by “Al.” These days, he goes by his real middle name, “Gunner.” There’s a story behind the name change. Al was the bad guy, the one who ended up in prison. Gunner is the new guy, the good guy who came out of prison a changed man. Raised in Metro Detroit, an FBI agent once described Gunner as “an enforcer for elements of the Detroit Mafia.” In 2003, at age 29, he was indicted and sentenced to 13-50 years in prison. But two magical things happened in those cold dark prison cells. First, he discovered his love for writing and penned 9 remarkable novels. Upon parole in 2016, he published his debut novels, TO BE A KING, Volumes 1 & 2, and within mere days they cracked the top #50 in the Mafia genre. Both books currently have 5-star reviews on Amazon, and are being called “the next Godfather.” The second thing that happened is that he fell in love with the woman of his dreams. They were married and baptized the day after his release. Gunner  is currently the lead writer on a network documentary about his life, starring Emmy Award-winning actor Armand Assante.

Bill Crooks is a long-time podcaster and true crime aficionado. He’s the creator, producer, and host of the popular “Partners-N-Crime” podcast that regales audiences with tales of the world’s most notorious gangsters, including obscure mob bosses, organized crime lords, and other infamous (or not so infamous) criminals. Bill loves diving deep into various legends, news clippings, and first-hand accounts to bring these historic characters to life. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Bill also hosts “Extraordination,” a podcast about ordinary people getting thrown into extraordinary events. And as if there wasn’t enough on his plate, he’ll soon be launching “Bad Ass Saints” – a new podcast about remarkable saints who were so hardcore in their faith, they showcased it through their atonishing lives (or deaths). Bill is married and has two amazing kids. Best of all, he and Gunner have a bantering dynamic you won’t want to miss! 

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Maria Lindbloom has been married to Gunner for 8 years, and prior to that she waited over 6 years for him to finish out his prison sentence and parole home. They were married and baptized together in Lake Huron the day after his release. Their love story is a remarkable one, and God's hand is clearly upon their marriage. After a 20-year career in the academic and scholarly publishing industry, including two years at Amazon Publishing and a year working for MIT, Maria took a giant risk to leave it all behind and jump into this project with Gunner and Bill. Together, Gunner and Maria also own White Pine Publishing & Consultants,  helping authors self-publish their books. Maria was born and raised a Muslim, and became saved in her mid-30s. She loves Jesus more than life, and is excited to put her sales, marketing, and podcasting skills to use for His Kingdom. When Maria isn't working (which is rare) you'll find her with earbuds in listening to sermons or podcasts, working in her garden or hiking in the woods. You'll probably also catch sight of a few devoted barn cats and a hen or two following her around their rural property.

Pastor Louis Earl Green is a founding contributor to Conviction Radio, and currently works as a managing director of programming and public relations. Reverend Louis Green has been a pastor for 58 years and a teacher in seminary for 28 years. He's also an author of eleven books, including Words that Reveal the Revelation as well as editor and contributor of Tread Magazine. 

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