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Join two women who are new friends (and sisters in Christ!) as they embark on a new journey to health & wellness.

ABOUT THE SHOW: Connie and Maria met in mid-June when the Lord nudged Connie to reach out about joining Conviction Radio. It didn't take long before they both realized they had a lot in common. One of those things was a struggle with physical health, mental health, weight issues, fatigue, brain fog, chronic pain, insomnia, metabolic issues, autoimmune conditions, and more. Maria suggested they both jump into a "carnivore-ish" diet together. Maria had eaten carnivore years ago, and is no stranger to the keto diet. She knew the tremendous health benefits that could come from this way of eating. Connie, the adventurous gal that she is, didn't even hesitate. Although she's brand new to both carnivore and a ketogenic diet, she spent some time looking over the resources Maria sent, and figured she had nothing to lose. Both have one goal in mind: Becoming the best versions of themselves on the outside so they can do a better job of reflecting Christ daily on the inside. Come along for the ride and listen to their weekly discussion. While this diet isn't for everyone, it can be ideal for anyone who struggles with the same issues Connie and Maria do. Each week the two gals will go over what they ate, what's working, what isn't, and how they feel. 

ABOUT THE HOSTS: Maria wears many hats, as wife to her husband Gunner Alan Lindbloom, co-owner of White Pine Publishing & Consultants, co-founder of Conviction Radio, and host of several podcasts. She is a devout Christian with a huge heart for God, who adores her hubby and country life in Northern Michigan. Maria is a foodie who seriously enjoys cooking and exotic cuisine, but she also really likes meat. Maria is struggling with menopause, a sedentary life style, sleep issues, habitual snacking, and ADD/ADHD. Oftentimes she'll rely too much on food (and caffeine) for quick hits of dopamine and endorphins to get her through the day. She would love to find her inner superwoman who is able to master addictive tendencies and have more self-control and higher energy levels. She is super  excited to have Connie as an accountability partner!

Connie is a married 40-year old mother of six children -- three who live with her, and three who live with Jesus in Heaven. When she was a young child, she suffered from an autoimmune disease that was incorrectly diagnosed and incorrectly treated, leading to years of pain, weight gain, and suffering. Because of this, she developed an unhealthy relationship with food. A few years back, Connie made the decision to go through gastric bypass surgery, which required a tremendous amount of healing on top of all the painful mental scars. Today, Connie is continuing on her healing journey, hoping to find freedom from the hold food has on her and to overcome the debilitating depression, fatigue, and autoimmune symptoms. She's on the cusp of a new season of her life, submitting to the brightly-lit path God is leading her down and ready to climb whatever mountains He's putting in front of her. After all, she knows the view from the top will be glorious.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE DIRTY KETO or KETOVORE DIET: Connie gives all listeners some great advice: take your health into your own hands and do your own research! This is a link where you can download the PDF that Maria created for Connie, which contains some basic facts and bullet point facts: The Ketovore Diet - Quick Start Guide 


In addition, you can check out these resources:

Note: The views and opinions expressed in this program are not necessarily those of Conviction Radio, or our sponsors and commercial advertisers. Also, none of the information in "The Christian Meat-Up" show should be considered medical advice. Neither Maria nor Connie are medical professionals, and you should always consult a doctor before starting any new diet or eating program. Their experiences and testimonies are for informational and entertainment purposes only.


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