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Biblical Wisdom for Today's World

ABOUT THE SHOW: Discover timeless biblical truths and their practical application for modern  life in "Faith Foundations: Biblical Wisdom for Today's World." Join Barry Mossip, a Canadian pastor and chaplain, as he shares insights from his theological training and ministry experience. Explore the Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, and other Christian resources to strengthen your faith and navigate life's challenges. Perfect for Christians seeking to grow spiritually and apply God's wisdom to their daily lives. Tune in for episodes that blend biblical knowledge with real-world relevance.

ABOUT THE HOST: From Chaplain Barry Mossip is a passionate and experienced chaplain with a deep commitment to helping individuals encounter the transformative power of God's love. His ministry is characterized by three core values:


Love and compassion: Barry believes every person is created in God's image and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. This value motivates him to reach out to those who are hurting, marginalized, and lost, offering them hope, healing, and acceptance.


Discipleship and Transformation: Barry is passionate about making disciples who are committed to following Jesus and living out His teachings. He believes that true transformation comes from encountering the love of God and allowing it to change our hearts, minds, and actions.


Community and Service: Barry believes that the church is called to be a community of love and service, reaching out to meet the needs of others and building relationships that reflect the love of Christ. Throughout his ministry, Barry has served in various capacities, including as an Associate Pastor, Senior Pastor, Media/Children's pastor, and chaplain. He has also been involved in missionary work and has a firm commitment to discipleship and leadership development. Barry's passion for teaching is clear in his engaging sermons, insightful Bible studies, and recently published book, "Conquering Shadows: Practical Tools For Spiritual Warfare." He has a gift for communicating complex theological concepts in a clear, relatable way, making him a sought-after speaker and teacher.


TO LEARN MORE ABOUT CHAPLAIN BARRY: Visit his website to learn more, connect, and access valuable resources on spiritual warfare. You can also check out his newly published book now available on Amazon called, Conquering Shadows: Practical Tools For Spiritual Warfare

Note: The views and opinions expressed in this program are not necessarily those of Conviction Radio, or our sponsors and commercial advertisers.


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