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Music. Survival. Redemption. Inspiration. House of Dogz is a multi-generational perspective on pop culture and things that concern us.

ABOUT THE SHOW:  With a life filled with challenges, Joey has overcome mental and physical scars to share his stories, memories, interpretations, and dreams through his powerful music. Born and raised in Northeast Houston, his decisions, and those made for him, ended with a choice between the military or prison; he chose the military and spent 15 years being sent to several countries on 7 combat deployments, including 3 years as a Private Military Contractor. He's experienced violence, poverty, and crime in the United States and overseas. Joey's experiences have shaped his art, giving it an underground edge that captivates listeners. From violence and poverty to cultural exploration in various countries, his music delves deep into the human experience. Some tracks are explicit while others offer a more introspective look at life. What follows are his stories, memories, interpretations, and dreams.

ABOUT THE HOST:  Born and raised in Houston, Texas Joey is from Northeast Houston, spending most of his time in Trinity Gardens, North Forest, and Kashmere Gardens. It was in this area that Joey began making money believing there is a difference between doing wrong and being wrong. Writing since the age of 12 to escape his situation and family life, Joey became a gifted poet and creative writer. Joey passed up a literary scholarship to the University of Southern California and dropped out of high school to help his mother with the bills. Joey turned 19 and joined the military, completing 9 years in the U.S. Navy, and was Honorably Discharged. He served on both coasts and in different countries worldwide, being a Veteran of both Desert Storm and the War on Terror. Joey currently lives in North Texas with his Wife of 30 years, his son, his daughter, his mother-in-law, his daughter-in-law, four dogs, a ferret named Natix, and a bearded dragon named Gerald.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT JOEY DOGZ: Joey Dogz has a large social media presence. You can find him on Instagram @joey_dogz357 or sample his music on Spotify.

Note: The views and opinions expressed in this program are not necessarily those of Conviction Radio, or our sponsors and commercial advertisers.


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