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Spirits, Weapons, and Warfare

Spiritual Warfare requires Active Participation

ABOUT THE SHOW:  My goal is to teach Christians how to fight against Satan. My method is to use my 43 years of military and military defense contractor experience and 40 years of researching, studying, and teaching spiritual warfare to create images of natural warfare and fighting that we do in the natural world in the minds of the listener to help illustrate what is happening in the spiritual world, the invisible war. Not knowing where people are in their experience or knowledge of the subject I start at the very beginning explaining how there are two worlds, spiritual and natural and that we live in both. I explain what the invisible war is, how it started, where it is fought and then how to join God's army. I will introduce the Holy Spirit and how he is our battle buddy and the power behind the weapons we use to fight Satan. I will go over effective prayer, God’s battle plan, Satan’s methods of attacking, his strategies and tactics. The idea is that we must know how Satan attacks so we know what weapons to use and how to counter attack. I will have advanced training on the transference of spirits and conclude the series with the final battle between Satan and Jesus. There are a lot more details but this is a top-level view. I want my audience to know how to fight/fend off Satan so they can have a better life.

ABOUT THE HOST:  I’m a retired engineer with 43 years of military and defense contractor experience. My experience was in ground-to-air Soviet missile defense systems, electronic warfare, radar and training fighter pilots how to defend against soviet air defense systems. I entered the Air Force in 1977 and left in 1981. I was assigned to Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, SC to the 363th Intelligence, Surveillance Reconnaissance Wing, 62nd Aircraft Maintenance Unit where I worked as a Radar and Navigation Systems Specialist of RF-4C aircraft. After leaving the Air Force I started my 39 year career as a military defense contractor. To advance in my career I went to college at night to earn a Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate in Engineering. My career has taken me to Japan, most of Europe and the Middle East. Over my 43 years I collectively spent 6 years in the middle east doing reconnaissance missions over Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Yemen. My best deployment was in 1984 to Cairo, Egypt. In 1984 I met a man, John, who was a Christian and we began a friendship and over several months we talked about Jesus and explained the good news story. After a few months I turned my life over to the Lord. My reason to be in Egypt was partly due to a divorce at the end of 1983. So, to get out of Huntsville, Alabama I took the deployment to Egypt. Best decision I ever made. As I read the New Testament, I had the chance to go to Israel and tour the Holy Lands. What an amazing experience for someone just learning about Jesus and the Bible. 

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