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TRUTH 2 PONDER with Bob Biermann is Conviction Radio's daily anchor show, addressing important topics in the news that impact our society and world.


We live in a time full of evil and seduction, where it seems what was considered wrong is now right, and what was considered right is now wrong. Why is this happening?  What can we do to survive this time of upheaval and coming tribulation? Bob Biermann, host of “Truth to Ponder,” shares from a lifetime of insight, and brings you truth in a time of deception. Bob’s background is both in Broadcasting and ministry. The most important element for the program is that Truth to Ponder analyzes our world from a distinctly Christian World View.  Bob’s presentation often uses some satire and may occasionally sound a bit irreverent, but be assured, what you will hear will always bed truth and factual information to help you in this time.


Bob Biermann has been in and around the broadcast industry since 1971. In this now over a half century, Bob has seen many changes in this world. Besides being a broadcaster, Bob spent a decade in Emergency Management in Public Information and Planning. In addition, Bob is also in the ordained ministry, having served in leadership positions within his church body. Bob’s current church, Trinity Chapel, operates as an independent local church, based on a traditional and biblical foundation. 

The daily “Truth to Ponder” radio program is the outgrowth of his former once-per-week program. For a time in the beginning of the Pandemic, Bob was asked to come out of retirement to assist a large county in their COVID response. While serving in that role, Bob saw the increasingly political aspects and the suppression of vital information. He saw his nation and world heading on a trajectory that is leading toward a time of hardships and tribulation. The radio program is a forum of useful information and hope in this increasingly darkening time. Bob stands firm in his Christian World View and is unashamed of his Biblical stand on the issues that face us today.


Bob’s broadcast background includes on-air, major market engineering, equipment manufacturing, and his long-term service with a college building their network of radio stations. The college, Toccoa Falls College, is a Christian school located in Toccoa, GA.


Bob has faced many challenges in his life, including the loss of his first wife to cancer in 2004. At that time Bob was the pastor of a church in Southwest Florida. Today, Bob is remarried, semi-retired, and he and his wife, Lori, divide their time between Florida and a small home in the mountains of Northeast Georgia.


Bob’s goal with this program is to provide information that is accurate, honest, and hard to find. He is deeply committed to helping chart the path for churches in these uncertain times and unprecedented challenges.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT BOB BIERMANN AND HIS TRUTH 2 PONDER SHOW: Visit his Truth 2 Ponder website, or feel free to email him directly.

*Note: The views and opinions expressed in this program are not necessarily those of Conviction Radio, or our sponsors and commercial advertisers.


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