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Hear the wild testimonies of individuals from around the world as they share their conversions to Christ and their incredible journeys of faith.

ABOUT THE SHOW: Maria Lindbloom, co-founder of Conviction Radio and wife to Gunner, embarks on a new show that interviews people of all walks of life who have remarkable pasts, amazing testimonies, or unbelievable but true journeys of faith. Upcoming shows include interviews with:

Katie Anne, a single mother of five kids (one of whom is deaf) grew up in the LDS church (Mormon church of Latter Day Saints). She was challenged by a friend to read the Bible, and came to realize the Jesus she'd been raised to follow was not the same Jesus of the Bible. Katie was recently baptized last month. Katie will soon be joining Conviction Radio as a new show host! (Live on 05/22, on archive & podcast 05/27)

Jordan Wilson, a social media influencer and warrior for Christ. Jordan is now 8 years clean and sober. He's the Development Director of "Friends of Sinners" and co-founder of Jesus Ministries, a worldwide prison ministry whose focus is getting his book "Jesus > Drugs" into every prison and jail in North America. Jordan's story couldn't be a better fit for Conviction Radio! (Live on 05/28, on archive & podcast 06/04)

Chaplan Barry Mossip, a Canadian pastor decided to leave the corporate world behind and jump into radio ministry, with an exciting journey as a brand new Conviction Radio host. Barry and I have a lively discussion about eschatology and the theology around Satan and his fallen angels. (Live on 06/11, on archive & podcast 06/18)

Abbie Kolarik, who left her comfortable Hindu upbringing, immersed in her Indian culture, to pursue a future and new life in Christ, Abbie and I both have a lot in common, coming from religions that were vastly different than Christianity. (Live on 06/11, on archive & podcast 06/18)

Lauren Burns, a Jordanian woman who was kidnapped by her father at the age of 7 and taken to the Middle East. Lauren's mother, with help from the U.S. military, went on a mission to bring Lauren home. Her story was depicted in an NBC movie starring Mariel Hemingway called, "Desperate Rescue: The Cathy Mahone Story." (Live on 06/18, on archive & podcast 06/25)

Brendon Mac, an up-and-coming country music singer who hails from Nothern Michigan and who's about to make the big-time and move to Nashville. His newest release, "Ring of Fire" is an homage to Johnny Cash. (Live on 06/25, on archive & podcast 07/02)

Note: The views and opinions expressed in this program are not necessarily those of Conviction Radio, or our sponsors and commercial advertisers.


If you would like to appear on the show to share your wild testimony, please fill out the contact form below. Maria will get in touch with you soon!

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