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Interviewing Remarkable Authors About Their Remarkable Books

ABOUT THE SHOW: “OUR THING” with Gunner and Bill Crooks is a weekly, hour-long multi-platform radio show devoted to the creative process and career accomplishments of publishing, media, and literary artists, interviewed by Gunner Lindbloom, an ex-Detroit mafia enforcer and accomplished author in his own right.  Co-hosted by Bill Crooks, host of the beloved “Partners-n-Crime” podcast, “OUR THING” brings with it some of the world's most fascinating artists and personalities, including Seth Ferranti, Louis Romano, Larry McShane, as well as infamous ex-mafia/author legends like Larry Mazza, John Alite, and Ori Spado. After successfully broadcasting on Detroit’s 910 AM Superstation for 2 ½ years and then 1010 The King in Atlanta, they're now proud to bring the show to Conviction Radio. 

When Gunner was asked about how this show came to be, he explained: “I always try to be positive and helpful. To inspire. That’s my mission in life. Lead by example and, corny as it sounds, be the best steward for God and humanity I can be. I have a unique zeal for life. 13 years in a cage has that effect. Prison gave me a magnified appreciation for life and freedom. My past is a constant reminder of how bad life can really be. Life is too short and precious to not live your life to the fullest. Do remarkable things and share your remarkable stories! That’s what I bring to the show. I love content creators, authors, personalities, and literary artists who have a remarkable story—whether fiction or non-fiction—to share.”

ABOUT THE HOSTS: Gunner Lindbloom and Bill Crooks are the owners of Conviction Radio. Raised in Metro Detroit, an FBI agent once described Gunner as “an enforcer for elements of the Detroit Mafia.” In 2003, at age 29, he was indicted and sentenced to 13-50 years in prison. But two magical things happened in those cold dark prison cells. First, he discovered his love for writing and penned 9 remarkable novels. Upon parole in 2016, he published his debut novels, TO BE A KING, Volumes 1 & 2, and within mere days they cracked the top #50 in the Mafia genre. Both books currently have 5-star reviews on Amazon, and are being called “the next Godfather saga.” Bill is a long-time podcaster and true crime aficionado. He’s the creator, producer, and host of the popular “Partners-N-Crime” podcast that regales audiences with tales of the world’s most notorious gangsters, including obscure mob bosses, organized crime lords, and other infamous (or not so infamous) criminals. Bill loves diving deep into various legends, news clippings, and first-hand accounts to bring these historic characters to life. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Bill also hosts “Extraordination,” a podcast about ordinary people getting thrown into extraordinary events.

TO LEARN MORE: Check out Gunner's website or email him if you're an author who wants to be a guest on their show.

Note: The views and opinions expressed in this program are not necessarily those of Conviction Radio, or our sponsors and commercial advertisers.


Please note that some past shows here have been republished from the archive when Gunner and Bill hosted this show on Atlanta 1010 The King Talk Radio.
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